The Future is Now

Remember when we were in elementary school, and we were asked to draw what we thought the future would look like in 10 or 20 years? Well…yes, even though, flying cars do not exist yet, mankind has made a lot of progress in terms of making lives easier by innovating the tools science has given us. From telephones, to planes to now self-driving cars the entire population of the Earth is actually closer to each other than it was, say 50 years ago. Thanks to the endless research by scientist and engineers, we are in constant evolution, communication, transportation wise and also in our everyday lives and are repeatedly breaking through barriers that were thought to never be torn down.

What to expect

Even though, investors, scientists and engineers are focusing more on future technology, present and past technology should not be neglected. As we innovate the work that was left by our forefathers to create a better future. At Self Drive Solutions, we aim to provide you news concerning future technology that will be made available to the public. We will also bring you up to speed with news such as the fairly new ride sharing services and give you tips and advice concerning any subjects that will be covered. Its easy to get lost into this new and vast technological world, so staying up to date can sometimes be a challenge. Worry no more because you will be kept updated on the news that can benefit you and could make an impact on your everyday life, and also your surroundings.