Account Processing for Travel Agency: Why do I need to use a particular software?

In general, a generic accounting system is not enough to handle all the accounts of a structure. In the case of a travel agency, the question of accounting is a very special operation. In order to be able to track all the accounting data of a travel agency, the establishment of a reliable system is required.

Indeed, it is necessary to master some indispensable notions like the treatment of the commissions to be received from the travel suppliers, the balances of invoices of the customers or the commissions to settle in favour of the external agents. In this article, you will be able to discover some necessary reasons for the use of specific software when entering accounts for travel agency.

To present in detail all the accounting implications of the entity

A travel accounting software should generally show a history of all the documents that present each accounting implication. As such, a good IT tool dedicated to the travel agency must link all the parameters that the accountant Saint-Gilles provides. Indeed, it is important to see in a documented history everything related to the accounting implications.

Usually, this type of software is used to know how much is still to be received from customers. How much does he have to pay or receive from a supplier? How much does the agency earn on a document, how many commissions does it still have to return to a travel staff?

The travel accounting software also facilitates the processing of any applicable taxes. The entry of billing by the specialized agent also becomes an easy task since such a tool allows to keep more than six accounting entries that, in a generic accounting system, should have been done manually.

To automate the batch billing and processing process

A good accounting software dedicated to a travel agency must be fully included with each specific GDS tool (Amadeus, Saber, etc.) special to this sector as well as booking engines. Of course, each reservation made in these online tools usually gives rise to supporting documents without having to make manual processing of information with all the risks of mis-seizures associated with it. The absence of errors when entering invoices represents the main guarantee of reliable accounting back.

Also, the preparation of the files, checks, in particular, indicates that a loss of time in the management of a travel agency. Indeed, efficient accounting software must allow the accountant in Ixelles to easily print all checks accompanied by good information from the invoice. This type of operation obviously includes the large invoices of many suppliers and the posting of these in large batches. Otherwise, manual account processing is required which requires the full retranscription of beneficiary data on each check.