Manual Stick Shift

Automatics vs Manuals

Stick Shift automaticNowadays, most modern vehicles uses an automatic transmission and have manual transmission as an option. Before anything, the transmission is what tell the car to drive forward or backward. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but people have their preferences. While some prefer automatic transmissions, others prefer manual transmissions. These preferences can be credited to which transmission a driver is used to, or it can be about what makes the driver feel more in control of the vehicle. Further, it can also be a financial choice, manuals are easier to work on than automatics, saving the owner a decent amount on reparation cost. Some might view an automatic as a vehicle that doesn’t require much care, as opposed to the manual which requires both feet to work. The question that stands now is, which one will make you a better driver? Some might say a manual others might say automatic without weighing in on the possible factors that can determine a driver’s driving capability.


In some countries, new drivers are introduced to the automatic gearbox. Whereas the vehicle will only have 2 pedals, the throttle and brake. Automatics are often preferred by North American drivers, and are becoming the standard transmission for vehicles and the manual an option. Most modern day cars use an automatic gearbox because of multitasking and also because people have grown lazy over the years. With an automatic, the driver does not have to worry about anything, just the gear lever into Drive or Reverse and he/she is all set to go. Since the car only has 2 pedals, the left leg will be free and because the car does everything automatically, the driver can drive with one hand for a long period of time . However, any good driver will know to always keep both hands on the steering wheel and focus on the road, even if today’s car have options such as Bluetooth, and buttons on the steering wheel which are meant to keep your hands on the steering wheel. An automatic vehicle features many things that make driving easier. However, there are those who prefer to have more control of the car.

Automatic car selfdrive

Manual or Stick Shift

Not all drivers are introduced to the automatic gear when learning how to drive, there are many countries who learn how to drive with a manual also known as stick shift. The learning process for a stick shift can take a while for some. Understandably so, a manual gearbox requires the driver to do more work than one who drives an automatic. Opposed to the automatic’s 2 pedals, the manual has 3. The throttle, brake and clutch, to which you have to press on the latter to shift gears. This means both feet will be engaged, and the right hand will also be leaving the steering wheel for brief moments only to shift gears. This also forces the driver to focus and the road and avoid any distractions because failure to change gears can cause the vehicle to stall, which isn’t a huge problem but can sometimes make you look like a rookie. Driving a car with manual transmission can really give the driver a feel for the engine. Furthermore, it lets the driver have more control of the car while on a hill climb or in traffic. Manuals are also chosen for speed and often by car enthusiasts due to it’s low reparation costs and easy to upgrade or service parts.Depending on the driving style, many claim manuals to also be more efficient fuel-wise.



The differences between manual and automatic gearbox are pretty apparent. Manuals require drivers to concentrate, while automatics require little or no thinking at all. Although, once used to driving a manual, it can be second nature ad the driver won’t need to focus all his attention on the engine’s Revolutions per Minute (RPM). However, driving isn’t just about shifting gears. It is also about judgement, and being able to react accordingly to a situation. Steering left and right is the most basic part of driving, but the ability to adapt to circumstances has to be learned alone. All in all, the ability to drive an automatic or a manual won’t define your driving skills. What matters most is -like everything else in life-  your experience on the road. No, driving around the block doesn’t count. You have to be able to experience multiple sorts of situations such as pot holes, steep hill climbs, off-road tracks, even heavy traffic jams. Not everyone will get to experience these kinds of conditions but if you are an adventurist , you will eventually experience them some time in your life, and you’ll always have the experience which will somehow make you a better driver.