Great success for guided tours on Paris famous film shooting locations

Every year, about 900 film shootings take place in Paris.

To satisfy those who are interested in movies, travel guides arrange private tours based on the theme of cinema.

Go for a guided tour in the City of Light. Camera! Action!

Movie lovers are attracted by the numerous sets in Paris where box-office hits like Le fabuleuxdestind’AméliePoulain or Da Vinci Code were shot.

The Trocadero esplanade, the Grand Palais, the Bercy heliport, the Palais-Royal gardens, etc., are some of the 15 sets where some of the best scenes of the latest Mission Impossible: Fallout were shot. Agent Ethan Hunt fans will for sure want to see all these places in the heart of Paris.

France Monmatre

Montmartre, one of the film makers’ favorite shooting sets in Paris

Lise Pires, who is an extra at night but also works as a guide, is the person to call for Paris guided tours on the theme of cinema. Visitors will follow the trail of famous characters across the city, particularly in Montmartre.

Thanks to the success of “Le fabuleux destin d’AméliePoulain”, the interest for these walks has been reawakened. Participants are families, movie lovers and artists, living in Paris or coming from elsewhere.

Several scenes in successful movies feature Montmartre over the decades. Some of the most popular French films partly take place in this district: “La grandevadrouille” (1966), “Mesrine” (1984), “L’aubergeespagnole” (2001), “La Môme” (2007), and also “Dalida” (2017) among others.

During a movie locations tour in Montmartre with a Paris tour private guide, visitors will have the opportunity to see the grocery store, MaisonCollignon, where a sequence of Le fabuleuxdestind’AméliePoulain was shot.

According to Patricia Firriolo, director of France Tourisme, a Paris travel planner, the film Da Vinci Code marked the beginning of people’s interest in guided tours about cinema.

The Louvre Museum in particular benefited from a quick and substantial growth of the number of its visitors, especially Americans and Asians.

The tours’ route has gradually evolved to adapt to new films, and now include Montmartre and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. From September to June, visitors can join one of the six visits organized every week.

Many visitors are also interested in the “Cité du Cinéma” created by the French film director and producer Luc Besson in 2012 in Saint-Denis.

For few hours, visitors can stand in the shoes of actors, following an original screenplay create by a comedian for the tour operator.

The City of Light will remain, without a doubt, a first-class setting for Film makers from around the world.