HUD Future

How a HUD Changes Everything?

HDU selfdriverWe are now living in a world where sci-fi gadgets are becoming a reality and are released to the world. Further, these gadgets were created to make a road user’s commute easier by displaying the info that he/she needs right under their nose. If you haven’t guessed it by now, we’re talking about Heads Up Displays or HUD which allow you to view navigation info as well as vehicle info on the windscreen. The HUD was previously only available in the world of aviation. Many modern airplanes with a glass-cockpit features a HUD which displays the plane’s altitude, speed, wind speed and so on. Today, the HUD has been brought to the ground and is available in cars. Although, less complex, it’s still a big game changer.

Heads Up Displays in Cars

It’s been a long time coming, and Heads Up Displays are just the beginning of a possible Star Wars-like vehicle. In fact, many car manufacturers have added a HUD to their vehicles. Such as Citroen’s DS5, the Toyota Prius, and Mazda 3. Although, not all entry level cars have a HUD and are only available when purchasing a certain trim, it’s not a bad idea to spend a little bit more on a car for practicality’s sake. Most HUDs will display the vehicle speed and navigation info, which are the basic functions of the HUD. Though, other vehicles will have slightly different info projected on their HUD in addition to the standard projections. In any case, this doesn’t mean that one can’t get a HUD unless he/she purchases a vehicle that comes with one. As a matter of fact, there are many after-market HUDs that one can purchase online.

Motorcycles Can Have It Too

Cars aren’t the only machines to benefit from such technology. Motorcycles are also getting a HUD. Unlike the standard options of a car however, a motorcyclist will have to spend extra to get their hands on the technology. For a long time, riding a motorcycle can at times feel quiet and lonely, no matter how loud the exhaust is. However, with the advancements in technology, those days might now be over. NUVIZ is a young company who produces an attachable Heads Up Display to the rider’s helmet. Projecting info to the rider, the same way a car HUD would. NUVIZ also allows the rider to connect a phone by Bluetooth, play music, get directions and it let’s you record with it’s Built-in HD camera. Something a car HUD isn’t capable of, yet. The device itself is attached to the rider’s helmet and info will be projected under the rider’s right eye, and to control everything, it comes with a controller that can be placed on the handlebar.

Game Changer

Heads Up Display might sound like it can be a distraction for the driver or the rider, since info is projected right in front of them. However, most projectors come with a transparent design and will only show the essentials and should never interfere with your eyesight. For motorcyclists, the creation of a HUD is a huge game changer. They won’t have to stop to attach their phones or GPS on the motorcycle’s gas tank and look down when following directions or worry about someone coming about and snatching the device off the motorcycle. This can also decrease a driver’s tendency to look away from the road to see where he/she are going, as all the info he/she needs will be right on the windscreen.