How to reach downtown Nice from the airport?

You have just landed in Nice and want to reach the city center? Here are the available options. Know first that this airport – the second largest in France – is at the extreme east of the famous “Promenade des Anglais”, about 6 km away from the city center, which makes getting around downtown very easy.

The taxi, the most convenient mean of transportation

You can take one of the taxis waiting for new arrivals waiting in front of the terminals. The local fleet is mainly composed of “high-end” sedans, including prestigious German models (Mercedes, Audi, etc.). To pay the tripfare, it’s better to have cash since taxis rarely accept credit cards. To withdraw money, many ATMs and exchange offices are available inside the airport terminals. Some taxi companies as well as private providers ensure a transfer service from Nice Airport and offer guests the possibility to book without additional fee.

For your information: there is now a private helicopter taxi service ensuring the transfer between Nice airport to Monaco in just a few minutes if it’s your final destination.

The bus, the economical solution

Ligne d’Azur, the bus network of the city of Nice offers two lines dedicated to the transfer from airport, starting from Terminal 2: lines 98 and 99. Line 98 serves the “Promenade des Anglais” to the “Vieux-Nice”, crossing the Place Garibaldi and the port, to reach its terminus located at “Nice-Riquier” train station. As for line 99, whose primus is located at Thiers railways station, it also runs along the Promenade before joining “Boulevard Gambetta”, one of the city’s main thoroughfares.

The train, another option

Nice has three train stations:

  • Saint-Augustin station to the west,
  • Nice-Riquier train station to the east,
  • Thiers station in the center.

To reach these three stations, travelers have to take a shuttle from the airport to Arénas stop. The train is the ideal means of transport to quickly reach nearby locations like “Villefranche-sur-Mer”, “Antibes” or “Cannes”. Once at destination, you can take a cab or book a private VTC driver.

Car rental, the most “flexible” solution

If you prefer to rent a car with a private driver during your stay in Nice, several agencies offer that kind of service. Just make sure to deal with a professional and make sure that the car provided is in good condition before leaving.