There are reasons to use a smartphone instead of basic mobiles phones

Why are more and more people using smartphones in their daily lives? It is certainly thanks to the advantages that this kind of mobile provides to its users. So, if you’re wondering what these benefits might be, it is evident for many users. These devices are now part of our daily lives. Unlike the mobile phone whose main function is oral communication, the smartphone proves to be a versatile foolproof! Browsing the Internet, sending emails, downloading applications or music files, games, photos … These mobile devices know how to make your data and itself secure like using the facial recognition security, identification by fingerprint or PIN and it’s not over with the arrival of new technologies! The entire smartphone industry seems to agree. Apple was not the first company to think about unlocking by facial recognition. However, after Apple used it for the iPhone X, the entire smartphone industry followed this idea as usual.

Optimize your Android phones or Apple iPhone

If you do a lot of things with your smartphone, whether to stay connected on social networks, to guide you in the city or travel, to retouch your photos, watch your series or to play your favourite games, you have dozens of apps installed. And yet, how many are never used in reality? This may be the time to remove applications that you no longer use.

Another source of daily slowdown, apps that run in the background. As soon as you launch an app, it always remains more or less open in the background. Remember to close them permanently if you do not use them anymore. Without this, it continues to update in the background and drains energy unnecessarily.

Apps, photos, videos, and other mp3 can quickly saturate our smartphone whose internal memory is already heavily used by the system. So it is important to free memory on your smartphone by using external memory, deleting data and application cache. You can greatly increase the storage space of your phone by adding a microSD card. However, be careful about the maximum size supported by your phone.

The best way to maximize the performance of your smartphone battery

To charge your smartphone, our first tip is to always use the charger supplied with the phone. Sometimes when the charger becomes faulty, it becomes necessary to invest in a new charger. Do not be fooled by low-cost chargers, always choose generic chargers or quality markers. An improper charger may damage your battery.

The first thing to do is understand when your phone needs to be recharged. So you have to know when to charge your phone: avoid waiting until the battery is completely empty and avoid recharging it 100%. But then, what to do? It is best to perform short recharge cycles to maintain the battery level between 40% and 80%.

Also, avoid enclosing them in insulators that prevent heat from escaping. Some shells are real insulating envelopes and heat builds up in your device. The metal is conductive and allows the dissipation of calories, unlike plastics that have replaced.

Choose hulls that protect well but also provide the necessary ventilation.