woman and technology

Would the tech be unique if ladies made up half of the workforce?

What would we say about global gender gap now?

Many studies focus in particular on the choices of orientation towards the scientific and technological fields, the engineering profession, the place of women in the sectors of industry and digital.

Many researchers have proved that before the baccalaureate, boys and girls are mainly interested in scientific professions

In middle and high school, both boys and girls say they are mostly ready to study science. 70% of students interested in science and technology occupations, however, consider they need more information on these trades. Generally, young people have a better idea of what digital (65%) is than industry (55%).

The women are interested in professions in the medical and paramedical sector, luxury goods and the media. Boys are interested in aeronautics, space, automotive and robotics.

Moreover, Women think that they will one day be victims of discrimination at work. The majority of girls expect to be discriminated against in the professional world. After the fear of being paid less for the equal position comes that of having access to lower positions with equivalent degrees. Finally, the fear of less respect for their male counterparts is also part of the fears of girls.

We need to forget gender inequality and disparities for the development

Gender inequality is one of the most pressing issues facing the world of work today. Globally, women have significantly fewer opportunities than men to enter the domain of technology and work and, once they are in the labour force, they are also less likely to find a job than men.

These gender disparities persist while most women in the world would prefer to be in paid work, which shows that their choices are limited by a number of factors.

Whether on a technical field or in communication, women have a real place to play in this thriving sector invested by younger generations and freed from traditional hierarchical patterns. The importance of relational and collaborative in this market offers them the opportunity to highlight their skills, such as the ability to rely on the right profiles. It is also a gateway to the business web marketing, acquisition or web-analysis – sometimes very technical levers, essential to driving the performance of sites and applications, but no less invested by women.

The women’s day, an important thing that we cannot ignore

According to women’s rights, many organizations fight the inequalities and ancestral discrimination that plunge women in poverty and keep them there. They work closely with women’s rights organizations to reduce inequalities between women and men effectively.

Like many other sectors, IT still has some progress to make on gender diversity in companies. The place of women remains fragile. However, the place of women in technology is gradually improving by numerous initiatives promoting gender diversity.

This day has a different meaning in my life this year. This day published by the United Nations in 1977 has its origin in the fight for better conditions of employment and the right to vote for women. Therefore, we have to start by informing people about this concept; about the benefits, it can bring to society to have women in school and in decision-making positions.