Future of travel

The Future of Travel

Two months ago the Ehang 184 took it’s first flight in China. It’s a drone, a quad-copter drone that is meant to carry passengers. Although, for the moment it can only transport one passenger at a time and has far only been used for testing purposes. However, Ehang isn’t the first company to have accomplished such a thing. As a matter of fact, aeronautics giant and Boeing’s number one competitor Airbus has developed a taxi drone. Their Vahana team created a drone called “Alpha One”. Further more German company Volocopter also developed an 18-rotor taxi drone, before Ehang and Airbus, Volocopter’s VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) has been tested in the city streets of Dubai, which has wanted passenger drones for a while.

Drone helicopter Volocopter

How It Works

Unlike the drones we use to take videos and pictures, these passenger drones are UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, meaning they follow a GPS’ flight plan on auto-pilot. According to The Drive, it’s the Ehang 184 that will take to Dubai skies this year’s summer. This is quite a breakthrough in passenger transportation. Previously, we were focused on transporting as much passengers as possible, the passenger drone will only carry one. It’s only a matter of time before the development of a multiple passenger drone. For the Ehang, the Alpha One, and Volocopter will only be reserved for the Elite.

A Drastic Change of Scenery

The passenger drone can change the entire transportation and tourism scenery. Traditionally, when touring in most cities, you’d go on guided tours or VTC taxis, also known as Private hires, or use a map and go on on foot and public transportation. However , in big cities’ such as New York, you have the opportunity to fly over the city and see the borough of Manhattan and all the iconic and gigantic skyscrapers. Most methods of tourism require a reservation beforehand. Whereas the passenger drone will be called via a phone app just like Uber. Can you imaging touring while traveling comfortably in a flying car? Even though, it might take a while for the entire world to catch on and use taxi drones, it’s exciting to see what mankind has done to revolutionize transport. What a time to be alive.