Heat Wave

Tips for facing the heat wave on a holiday

Choose the best moment or seasons to get on a holiday

Preparing your trip in advance, no matter the destination is very important. It is even more so in the case of a country with a different climate, such as hot countries, which require careful preparation. The months of July and August are generally good times to travel taking into account the weather and temperature. However, these are the most touristic and expensive periods to travel. Many people like to travel in the summer season. Travelling in a hot country requires some baggage forecasting, so you can enjoy a comfortable and quiet holiday. Indeed, once arrived at the destination it is annoying to realize that you have forgotten some essential items. Therefore, you need to be well-prepared and know the essential things that should be included if you plan to stay in a warm country.

Go with a car that has air conditioners while travelling to avoid heat stress

Summer is a time when people often travel by car because it is great and good weather for a holiday. In addition to the usual traffic jams, the heat, or even the heatwave, can invite you to travel, making long and tiring journeys.

It is advantageous to go with an air-conditioned vehicle because you can adjust the air conditioning properly. Start by refreshing the interior of the car to the maximum by airing it before boarding. Before turning on the air conditioner, roll open windows for a few minutes to renew the air and bring the temperature down. Finally, be aware that it is recommended to set the temperature 5 degrees less than the outside to avoid excessive thermal shock and to avoid overconsumption of fuel. If it’s really hot, you can go up to 8 degrees but never exceed 10 degrees.

If you do not want to invest in a fan seat cover, you can also install a fan on the dashboard. Do not forget also the pharmacy and toilet kit. It is always helpful in case of a small health problem or injury during the trip. But when it becomes difficult, it is better for you to seek medical service.

Some tips to support high temperature or extreme heat

Several problems can occur in case of hot weather such as sunstroke, exhaustion, cramps or heat stroke. To avoid these discomforts, here are some useful tips to know.

Obviously nothing revolutionary, but it’s still essential to remember it. This is the best way to fight dehydration. The water needs of the child are the same as for an adult. If only it was so easy to drink! And yes, that’s the difficulty. The little ones do not feel thirsty, so you have to be creative to decide.

If your accommodation does not have air conditioning, go to cool places like a shopping centre for example. Find shady and well-ventilated places.

In order to cool your body and avoid excess body temperature, take cold baths or warm showers. If you do physical or sports activities, take regular breaks to allow your body to recover.