Traveling alone

Traveling alone

How to travel alone and experience life?

Solo travelling is a nice experience and everyone should consider travelling alone at least once in their life, but there are many different ways of travel that offer so much fun and skills.

Furthermore, travel allows you to explore a new environment. Travelling with your family, parents, your best friends may reinforce love and connection with them.

For many people, the idea of true solo travel is a challenge because we are not used to our own company. It can make uncomfortable, bring about too much thinking time, and make you face yourself and your fear alone. However, once you step beyond that, there are the whole host of reasons why you should do solo travelling.

Solo travel

Benefits that travelers get by doing solo travel

First, it is your own decision so you can go where you want and when you want. This is probably one of the biggest reasons people like to travel solo: not to have any restrictions on one’s route, destination or timescale.

If you really stick to solo travel then sure, it can work. Nevertheless, after a lot of time travelling alone, we might want to do some travel with others again. It is about balancing our needs.

Second, when you travel with others, you spend the amount of time looking at them and listening to them. However, when you travel alone, you have no distractions and can really enter into the moment and fully observe the sounds, smells, sights and other people’s social interactions.

Finally, we feel less pressure. People interested in exploring the world in a unique way often opt to solo travel. When social media constantly surrounds us with the thoughts and experiences of others, it is increasingly important to disconnect and experience life from our own perspectives.

How to plan a solo journey?

It is very important to think about how to manage your expenses. You can spend your money on travel but it is advisable that you have your budget planned and money saved before you go.

Also, you need to know the place where you want to go and how to get there. You have to figure out what kinds of transportation you want to go with or what is suitable transportation for you.

Then, you need to know where to stay. Maybe you want to stay in a hotel or in the touristic site and so on…

In addition, you have to arrange your schedule and all the stuff you need should be ready such as clothes, equipment and so on.