Technology development

What is waiting for us in the 22nd century in terms of technology?

The evolution of the technology touches different fields

The widespread emergence of post-scarcity and resources-based economies, the rapid growth of trans humanism and major developments in space travel are going to mark the 22nd century. Practically, all of the world’s energy will come from either fusion or renewable sources.

At some point in the future and in some ways, we see that the amount of physical stuff moving around the world will peak and begin to decline. New technologies are moving us towards production at the point of consumption of energy, food and products with reduced reliance on a global supply chain.

To be clear, even as the movement of stuff may slow, the movement of people, information, data and ideas around the world is growing exponentially and is likely to continue doing so for the near future. We can predict many things that will happen in the future.

artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence

It has begun to merge with human intelligence in the previous century and now surpasses it, reaching whole new levels of cognitive and intellectual capacity. Through lacking the raw emotions and subtle traits of the organic human mind, the sheer speed and power of artificial intelligence begin to profoundly alter the course of history. Almost every high-level decision by government and business now comes directly from these sentient machines, which oversee vast swathes of virtual employees, robots and automated systems.

In addition, ongoing advances in communications technologies and neurosciences will transform humanity into a telepathic species. The advent of direct mind-to-mind communication will bring us even closer together as individuals. A vast network of interconnected minds working together for the future. In such a future, we may start to see the dissolution of the individual and the rise of collective mass consciousness.

With the new technology, we will be able to control the weather

It is unlikely that our species will be able to control completely the weather by the end of the current century, but we should be able to put a serious dent into it. We already seed clouds with particles to simulate precipitation.

Looking ahead the future, weather engineers could build a massive wall, like a structure to prevent devastating tornadoes from forming massive arrays of offshore turbines to suck the energy out of hurricanes.

More radically, we could eventually build a weather machine to create a programmable atmosphere, as we want. The system, guided by artificial intelligence could influence weather patterns around the world and turn marginally habitable areas into temperate regions.